Product Showcase

Here is a small sample of some of our most recent work

We’ve ran hundreds of jobs for many different applications.  We’ve built frames for tattoo guns, treadmill parts, air-tight fittings, high-stress vehicle components, and utility stools.  That’s not all, of course.  To include a complete list of our past jobs would be crazy.  Instead, here is a small sample of our most recent work to help give you an idea of our capabilities.


MRP contracts exclusively with CNC Manufaturing

Titanium, steel, and aluminum parts all machined in-house

Molinari Racing Products is known for providing only the highest quality components designed for the most demanding applications. Tractor pulling rigs and dragsters often exert several thousand horsepower on their drivetrains. Whether intended for the street or the drag strip, MRP offers clutches to take the abuse, and each one is machined exclusively by CNC Manufacturing.


Standard Aluminum Tube Swingarm

We have been producing these swingarms with minor adjustments since 2000. The design has been adapted to several models of motorcycle and customized and produced for individual vendors including our own brand, Billetware. This product represents an almost complete example of the services we offer, including:

Standard Aluminum Tube Swingarm


Billet Aluminum Swingarm

Billet aluminum construction is desirable for strength and aesthetics. This style swingarm is offered in contrast to the more traditional model featuring aluminum tubing and billet mounting points. It takes a lot more work and material to produce, but the final product looks phenomenal and really stands up to abuse.


Aluminum Electronics Chassis

This chassis was designed to press together using precision-ground pins and a series of high-tolerance machined holes. This part required several critical mating features between the two halves.